The Junior Basketball Association (JBA for short) had their Atlanta tryouts on Saturday. Lakers star point guard Lonzo Ball son of JBA founder Lavar Ball, made an appearance at the tryout. Five players were selected to play for the Atlanta Ballers and Isom Butler was one of them. I caught up with Isom to find out more about his experience at the tryout.

Daniel Flores (DF): Where were you previously playing before you tried out for the JBA?

Isom Butler (IB): I took the year off and reclassified to the class of 2018.

DF: Why did you decide to tryout for the JBA?

IB: I decided to try out because it was a life changing opportunity that I couldn’t let pass.

DF: What is your goal in your basketball career?

IB: My goal is to continue to keep getting paid to play basketball and one day become a NBA player.

DF: What are your best attributes in basketball?

IB: My defense and my ability to get to the rim at ease and slash.

DF: Who in the NBA is your game most like?

IB: My game is most like a cross between Rondo and Jimmy Butler.

DF: What was it like meeting Lavar Ball?

IB: Lavar is down to earth and a man you can really gain a lot of knowledge from if you listen to him.

DF: What was it like meeting Lonzo?

IB: Lonzo is a super humble guy and a funny guy.